Singapore’s War Against Diabetes

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October 24, 2018
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December 13, 2018

Singapore’s War Against Diabetes

With International Diabetes Day approaching on the 14th of November, Singapore’s Government has declare the creation of a multi-agency task force to promote healthier lifestyles in the nation. Almost 1 in 9 Singaporeans have diabetes, and almost 3 in 10 over the age of 60 have the disease. The figures for the diabetic in the country currently rests at 440,000 people and is expected to rise to 1 million by 2050 along with the ageing population of Singapore.

On the 4th of November, 2018, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong announced the new task force at the Singapore World Diabetes Day event held atSuntec Singapore Convention. The task force is chaired by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Home Affairs, Amrin Amin, who will conduct public consultation sessions from January to May next year to seek ideas on how to encourage Singaporeans to adopt healthy lifestyles. Healthy promotion efforts will also be coordinated across various public agencies, including the Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Mr Gan noted that the task force will focus on 3 key areas to promote healthier lifestyles, including of changing the environment that people live in, empowering individuals through technology, and engaging communities by delivering better services and programmes.

The Smartfuture’s MedCheck Health Kiosk fulfil the criteria of all three of the above-mentioned areas. Smartfuture seeks to empower individuals through technology with the one-stop health kiosk. With plans for the health kiosk to enter more public areas in the pipeline of 2019, the public can carry-out health checks, such as blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring, hassle free and in easy to access area. With the accessibility of the kiosk, we aim to encourage healthy behavioural change with the kiosk awareness and also the personalised advice our users receive through the App.

Whilst the Singapore Government has already started to provide more support for diabetics, MedCheck’s Health Kiosk could be a key player in the future of preventative healthcare and for diabetics in every-day life.

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